APICAL LIQUID is a synergistic mixture of carboxylic acids and their salts which counteract pathogenic bacteria in feed and drinking water, while maintaining a favourable microbial balance in the poultry house.

In drinking water and in feeds and feed ingredients to kill Salmonellae and other Gram-negative bacteria, such as pathogenic E.coli, to prevent these microbes to (re)contaminate feeds and prevent their entry into the digestive tract of birds.

In drinking water in which this supplemental feed is being added, it is advised to use APICAL LIQUID for 4 or 5 consecutive days, via clean water lines, to be followed by 24 hours' application of a product based on sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide to kill micro-organisms which can utilize organic acids. Prevent mixing with cleaning agents or disinfectants by always flushing the whole system with clean water before starting the application of the next product.

APICAL LIQUID in water kills over 99,9% of Salmonellae and E.coli organisms within 10 minutes

Allows survival of beneficial microflora, such as lactobacilli. Such a flora obstructs the colonization of undesirable Gram-negative microflora in the gut

Is a supplemental feed but can be used in feed and in feed raw materials to protect against fungal growth in addition to its antibacterial action in the feed

Complies with European feed legislation with RAMSHORST being a GMP / HACCP certified company

Does not corrode the normal equipment in a feedmill or on a farm

Does not affect feed or water intake

Increases utilization of feed by means of improved hygienic conditions

Increases eggshell thickness

Formic Acid
Propionic Acid
Ammonium Formate
Ammonium Propionate

jerrycans 5 liter
jerrycans 25 liter
containers 200 liter
containers 1000 liter (delivery takes an extra week)

Advisable in drinking water:

1 liter / 1000 liter for antimicrobial protection and improved technical results
2 liter / 1000 liter for extra protection in sensitive situations

In feeds and feed ingredients:

2 kg / tonne for antimicrobial protection
4 kg / tonne in sensitive situations

Energy Effect
There are indications that the use of APICAL LIQUID does improve energy utilization, due to its hygienic effect on the environmental microbial flora. Use of APICAL POWDER added to layer feed at a rate of 0.2% can prevent unnecessary feed consumption amounting to as much as 30 - 60 kcal.