APICAL POWDER is a feed treatment product that counteracts pathogenic bacteria and fungi in feed, benefiting the poultry producer by preserving feed nutrients.

In feeds and in feed raw materials to kill Salmonellae and other Gram-negative bacteria, such as pathogenic E.coli, or to prevent these microbes to (re)contaminate feeds and prevent their entry into the digestive tract of birds.

APICAL POWDER in feed kills 95% of Salmonellae and E.coli organisms in 48 hours

Allows survival of beneficial microflora which form a natural barrier against undesirable Gram-negative bacteria which, after entering via ingested feed, would have colonized the digestive tract

Has satisfied its long term users, as can be affirmed by leading companies within the Benelux Egg and Broiler Industries

Is not corrosive to your equipment

Does not affect feed intake

Provides protection against fungal growth and protects feed nutrients

Increases feed utilization by the way it improves feed hygiene

Increases eggshell thickness

20 kg bags.

Active Ingredients
Natural carboxylic acids and their salts

2 kg / tonne to improve technical performance and provide antimicrobial protection
4 kg / tonne for extra protection in sensitive situations

Energy Effect
There are a lot of bacteria that occur in poultry houses, ending up being ingested by the birds, together with the feed. Some naturally occurring bacteria seem to promote good technical results. Other bacteria, often being pathogens as well, seem to have a detrimental effect on results. Also, an ideal balance of environmental bacteria flora may positively influence poultry health and productivity, including energy utilization.

Dutch experience indicates that APICAL POWDER at a dose of 0.2% applied to layer feed can substitute approximately 30 kcal of ME from maize based mash feeds. The effects for wheat based diets appear to be 50 - 60 kcal ME.

Egg Quality
For clean eggs and improved shell quality apply 0.2 % APICAL POWDER and remove 0.3 - 0.6 % rendered fat from the formulation.

Feed Hygiene
VAN RAMSHORST products are manufactured and sold in compliance with European feed legislation. VAN RAMSHORST is a GMP / HACCP certified company. For details see www.gmpplus.org.