COOLFEED is a supplementary feed which is being applied in animal feeds and feed ingredients to control heating and dry matter loss and to preserve freshness, nutritional value and palatability.

1. COOLFEED's blend of organic acids kills a wide range of bacteria and mould types while the special formulation of the product provides extra protection against yeasts often found to be a problem in summer feeding, in TMR rations and in silo storage.
2. COOLFEED is safe to use and is non-corrosive to machinery.
3. COOLFEED does not impair palatability or feed intake.
4. COOLFEED's fine granular formulation can be included in feeds without the need for specialist equipment.

keeping moist feed products - such as TMR - fresh for an extra 24 hours

     1.0 kg / tonne >17% moisture
preserving feeds and feed ingredients for long-term storage

      0.5 kg / tonne <15% moisture

     1.0 kg / tonne 15-17% moisture

     1.5 kg / tonne >17% moisture  

Organic acids such as formic acid, propionic acid and sorbic acid and / or their salts on a special carrier.

Mode of action:
Free organic acids, especially propionic acid, have a strong antifungal activity. In their natural liquid state they exist in the stable dimeric form. COOLFEED ensures that the natural equilibrium favours the more active monomeric form.
The free acids, being volatile, give a very high initial kill rate within the feed or feed ingredient. The
salts, over a controlled period of time, release more free acid. This ensures a long-acting effect important as feed travels through silos, delivery vehicles and farm equipment all potential areas of contamination.

COOLFEED POWDER: in 20 kg bags, in bulk or in big bags